2023 Burning Man Electric Bike Rentals and E-Board Rentals:

Burners can rent our 1250 watt Front Wheel / All Wheel Xtreme Fat Tire E-Bike for the entire festival and pick your electric bikes up anytime between Sunday, August 28th – September 5th during the 2022 Black Rock City Festival in Gerlach, Nevada.

All rentals are from $895. (A refundable security deposit of $250 will be charged and returned when you return the electric bikes without damage).

Electric Bike Pick Up location for this year’s Burning Man Festival is:

To Be Determined.

Our Front Wheel Fat Tire Bike offers a powerful all-terrain, sustainable and green method of easily commuting through the rough and rocky terrain of the Playa at Black Rock City. And because our e-Bike is front-wheel drive you’ll have more torque to maneuver easily in the softer sand and won’t have to worry about flying over the handlebars when cycling over unforeseen obstacles in your path. It’s so much safer than a rear-wheel-powered bike and much more fun because you have all the control. Just add a little pedal power and now your e-bike is All Wheel Drive.

Check out our Bike Accessories for Burning Man Festival:

New Solar Power Panels to charge all your accessories at the festival.

Our Batteries are the highest quality batteries available and will last 12 Amp Hours. However, we will also offer battery charging should you need to charge up your battery during the event.

This is the perfect solution for Burners who are flying in from other countries or further distances and don’t want to lug your own bike with you, or if you just want a “No Sweat” easy commute than our Xtreme Electric Bicycles are for you.

And because we know you are just going to love our E-Bikes and will want to keep it forever, at the end of the Festival you can apply 50% of the bike rental fees towards the purchase of the electric bike. For a nominal fee will clean it up, box it up and send it to your final destination anywhere in the Continental US.

We do ship Internationally, however the shipping fees vary and we will have to determine shipping costs to your international destination.